Tuesday, May 28, 2013

This blog is sooooooooooo boring...

Even my detractors don't read it any more looking for dirt about me. Any fans out there? (Or "followers" as my now deleted WikiHooHoo article once said.) So my life must be pretty boring, too.  

In fact I was thinking - maybe I should do a medicare expose, now that I started on it this month, and list every time a doctor found a new excuse to drag me in and charge medicare and my supplemental insurance company. Geezzz.... 27 days into it and they are finding their excuses!!!

So the word is out. Carol Moore is a Blood Sucking Slave of the State!! I always imagine that whoever I am most annoyed with at the moment is paying all my Medicare and Social Security bills with their hard earned confiscated money.  Ha  ha...  And you KNOW WHO YOU ARE THIS MONTH... Har Har De Har... Ocassionally I'll even tell the annoyance of the month where their tax money is going! (RATFLOL)

They tend to be 15 to 25 and even 35 years younger than me, little smart asses who think they know so much better. But don't get me started.  

I remember when Murray Rotbard and I had a big break up fight back in 1987 I was thinking, "someday he'll be dead and I'll get to shape his legacy, ha ha ha."  And now I do! On a certain WikiHaHa that shall remain nameless.

Poor Murray, he was just SO Aries!!  But having an Aries moon I understand.

But if I don't get my ass moving, no one will be trying to reflect or even rewrite my life because the copious forensic evidence will be in a dumpster and then 160 feet deep in a landfill and no one will remember... except the footprints of websites that whisper... carol moore was here... at least for the next few thousand years the species survives with power and working memory chips or whatever they use a thousand years from now.

More importantly, those few important insights I have synthesized into my book-in-progress of the last 30 years may not be widely available when I come back in 50 or 60 years -- as some high testosterone male looking to kick some ass and get some booty. Deja vu all over again to my last life! Oi. Don't even want to think about it.

Hopefully SOMEBODY will have sparked the revolution of consciousness by then. There are enough of us born after 1945 to make it happen. Let's get crackin'!

Anyway, been visualizing living from my HEART CHAKRA.  Otherwise I'll spend another 10 years  on the second and third ones, eating too much and having intellectual pissing contests that don't do a dang thing to advance human conscious as to the nature and purpose of reality.

OK, so I'll find a cheap or online music composition program that sounds at least as good as my big old casio keyboard and write some operas for youtube...

Somewhere I have an article detailing why music is the experience that most opens the higher chakras to commune with universal consciousness.  I do have a few spiritual songs at CarolMooreSongs and lots more sung out in .wav files written down on paper. And then all the ones that still may come to my head with sufficient inspiration or intention.
 "Oh, look at me, I'm bloggin' with my noggin' ---- but I should be blogging with my heart..."  # 1 on the charts, 2024!!

Geez, this sounds like my diary of the last 40 years... some day. some day.

Well, them sunspots are getting ready to hit their relatively low height in 6 months, exacerbating human exciteability and leading to riots and revolutions.  (Maunder Minimum anyone?) While much of the energy that was going to be generated by the world's downtrodden in the last 2 years leading up to the height, one never knows what little spark of human action will set off the apocalypse of love that we need so desperately!!

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