Monday, February 04, 2013

Puppy Bowls Rock

I've been meaning to do a fun entry - and even a consciousness raising one - and controlled myself on posting several invectives. (Though I still feel like posting a couple really gross photos to illustrate my reaction to the U.S. military allowing women to kill side by side with males in the field - when they aren't being raped.  You get the picture.)  

Well, here's the fun entry. The safe fun and loveable alternative to the more violent sports (boxing, football and hockey particularly.)  Animal Planet's PUPPY BOWL!! Check it out!

What fun we had Sunday watching it all two hours over and over again on Animal Planet.  Moreover, Saturday we went down to the local animal shelter which the Puppy Bowl "locker room" puppy cam linked from Animal Planet and saw the little devils in person. (Don't adopt from puppy mills! Adopt from shelters!)  

First two photos below from the puppy cam

Then a photo of Marta (from the looped video), a little black and tan Schnauzer/Beagle mutt who repeatedly took on three puppies twice her size, made a touchdown and won "Most Valuable Player".
And best of all, no puppies will end up with permanent brain damage as a result of the play.

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