Saturday, January 05, 2013

Demand a Plan - to end Hollywood's hypocritical violence

I like the knock off video below because it explains the issue to anyone who is too "out of it" to get the entire context or understand the hypocrisy. (In short, Hollywood stars against guns, most of whom have starred as killers with guns in Hollywood movies!) A story about the original is here. WARNING: VIOLENT SCENES AND IMAGES

Here's the short version of the audio of the advertisement accompanied with photos of all of them holding guns!

Of course, as a libertarian I don't call for government to end Hollywood movie violence, just that movie producers have the moral fiber to Voluntarily! stop making money encouraging their mass movie-going audiences largely composed of young and frustrated males to engage in mass murder! And that all these actors have the chutzpah to JUST SAY NO to violent movie roles.

I just watched the movie LOOPERS because I like Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis as cute and funny guys. Both of whom have been forced to play violent killers, in this and other movies. Why couldn't they make a time travel movie with these two playing the same guy that did not make the "hero(s)" contract killers?? Why not butterfly collectors or earnest, non-violent tax protesters (who don't get shot up by feds)? No imagination?

Or just trying to toughen up Americans so they can keep going over to the Middle East and killing millions of Arab and Muslim kids, in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, Somalia, or anywhere else their "Oberherrs" ("overlords") demand they fight, kill and die. (Yes, the U.S. military provides lots of funding and support for those want to make military violence look good in movies.) 

Of course, it was pretty funny to hear that in the new even more violent version of "Red Dawn" Hollywood decided that instead of a hundred million Chinese soldiers invading the U.S. they'd have a few million starving North Korean soldiers do it. Ha. Ha. Ha. Talk about changing your plot so you don't offend the sensibilities of your financier$!  

Which reminds me, did you hear that Al-Jazeera just bought Al Gore's Current TV for $500 million, with $70 million going to Gore himself. Biggest laugh of the week...

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