Sunday, August 05, 2012

Happy Hiroshima Day...

It is nearly Hiroshima Day in Japan. Sixty-seven years since the United State unnecessarily dropped the (relatively small) 16 kiloton nuclear bomb on the city of Hiroshima and and a 21 kiloton bomb on the city of Nagasaki, killing 100,000 (give or take 40,000) people.

To remind people of what we are celebrating - or mourning for those who still have a human soul - below is a video of five American militarists (and a cameraman) standing directly below a 2-kiloton atomic bomb exploding 10,000 feet directly above their heads. What jolly times. We're number one!

The Fox News story about this points out: Today, 55 years later, the seemingly safe operation may have had some serious side effects: all six members of the group have had cancer, with four dying of it... Ooops!!

Last night I got overly concerned about the same Reuters article posted all over the internetz: "Super volcano", global danger, lurks near Pompeii. Yup, the race is DOOMED...

Either cause it destroys itself with nukes or it takes too few precautions to prevent destruction (nukes and meteors) or it doesn't ensure a few million survive catastrophe (meteors and supervolcanos). Not to mention all those hundreds of nuclear power plants that melt down and spew massive amounts of radiation in all of the above scenarios. But at least the testosterone poisoned boys get to play with their military toys, so it's all good, right??

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