Thursday, January 26, 2012

Republicans: People are strange?

Searching for half-forgotten lyrics, found this big advertisement at the top of the page featuring them. HMMMMM.... Speaking just as a human being and not an ideologue, and all Mormon underwear aside... Romney is a big sexy guy, that's for sure. And I was always a fan of his father George who had to give up his presidential bid in 1967 after he admitted he'd been "brain washed" by the U.S. military into supporting the war in Vietnam!

Mitt the son is a March 12, 1947 baby, a Pices Sun, Sagittarius Moon, which my favorite Sun-Moon astrology book describes as "The Philosopher." I pray his pro-war rhetoric on Iran is to attract money and support from - or least not raise hostility of - those Israel fanatics (Jewish or Christian Zionist) who can justly be called Israel Firsters; after all there are only so many tens of million$ his Mormon supporters can contribute to their SuperPacs to counter Israel supporters' SuperPacs. I keep hoping Romney's a peace loving pussy at heart, just in case he wins. At least it will be easier to get people to protest at Mormon temples than synagogues if he turns warrior.

Now Newt Gingrich, who is the warmonger's favorite candidate, was born June 17, 1943. That makes him a Gemini Sun and Sagittarius Moon, as my book says, a "Soldier of Fortune." Brilliant but impulsive, like many Geminis he flips constantly between rational charm and explosions of insanity. Let's put his finger on the red button, if you're feeling suicidal!!!

He's heavily supported to the tune of millions by "Israel Firster" Sheldon Adelson's contributions to the SuperPac supporting Gingrich. (Read all about it
here. Read about how Ron Paul people beat Gingrich at a caucus event at a Nevada "Adelson Center" with Adelson himself in attendance.) Of course, as a Gemini, who knows which way Gingrich's wind would blow if he got elected. He might knife Sheldon in the back.

Both Romney and Gingrich have freedom loving Sagittarius moons, but not enough to free ME from their tax-spend-drug and other war warrior-indefinite detention oppression.

As for Ron Paul, he's a Leo Sun, Taurus Moon - "The High and the Mighty." Stubbornly determined to get his point across, and too important to pay attention to who's writing his newsletters or accounting for his money. Or at least he was til he got burned enough about it in 1988 and 1996. Thank goodness he's a freedom fighter (for the most part) and not a statist!

So that's my alternate consciousness view of the Republican presidential candidates. As for Obama, I still have a soft spot in my heart for THE IDIOT. More government, now that's the solution to the world's problems. NO! It's the CAUSE!!! Idiot.

But then if I had Israel supporters praying for the Mossad to assassinate me - like the
Atlanta Times editor who wrote the Mossad should do the job. (Some have written he was encouraged to put it up as a trial balloon to see how upset Americans would get.) Obama's admitted he's got Netanyahu calling him up every day to bug him. Really just so he doesn't forget that Israelis can kill anyone they want - including the wife and kids and mother-in-law - and get away with it. Not to mention "Samson Option" the world with their 400 nukes delivered from sea and air if they think they're going to lose too much of their stolen land...

Luckily, I only have a psycho Zionist WikiUhOh editor sending me dozens of death threats via email from time to time. Of course, the purpose of all the harassment and threats is too aggravate Israel critics so much they say something politically incorrect so they can say - see we TOLD YOU s/he is a BIGOT! Enough on that source of low conscious frustration - and occasional somewhat higher consciousness humor.

I don't blame all of the below on Obama, since he's just continuing the Demopublican U.S. Imperialist tradition of the last 100 odd years. Don't worry, if a Republican wins he'll do probably 2% better on all numbers, unless he attacks Iran and then look for 40% worse. Well, enough for today on the topics that pollute far far too much of my consciousness.
Update: Decided I should look up Obama's Sun-Moon sign. Leo with Gemini moon. Who my book describes as "the con artist." Please allow me to take back the last paragraph! Of course, George Bernard Shaw was the same combination. Maybe Obama should go into play writing when he's finished destroying the economy and the Bill of Rights.

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