Saturday, October 01, 2011

CIA Assassinates Propagandists - Beck and Limbaugh next...

Geez, it was bad enough when I thought the CIA had assassinated a couple of known terrorist murderer United States citizens without a trial. Now it turns out the CIA assassinated a couple of internet propagandist U.S. citizens who merely rage against imperialism, and generally say kill the imperialists. Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh, those gun loving nuts who are friendly to those terrorist tea partiers better watch out. They may be next on the list. (Not to mention even successful Gandhian secessionist propagandists should they become sufficiently effective, no matter how nonviolent!) In fact, Rick Perry better watch out, he may get elected and have to have himself assassinated!! For more details read this excellent article.

Update: Rick's in luck. Turns out a secret memo
found that it would be lawful to kill American citizens only if it were not feasible to take them alive. So President Rick Perry
merely can order himself to be arrested. Of course, at the rate he's going, the Mormon might win. One can only hope that the Mormon will change his mind about his big plans to build up the U.S. military, just like he's changed his mind on everything else. However, Rick - he just wants to BOMB BOMB BOMB, BOMB BOMB IRAN. John McCain II.

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