Saturday, February 19, 2011

Space storm coming - revolutionary storms continue

Sunspots are temporary black spots on the Sun caused by intense magnetic activity that appear as dark spots. Sunspots expand and contract as they move around the Sun. Most solar flares and coronal mass ejections originate in magnetically active regions around sunspots.

And it is these that throw out particles that increase negative ionization levels on earth - leading to human excitability.
At left, see how rapidly the number climbed in the first seven weeks of 2011? And the energy from a real big solar flare is hitting us now - so expect things to keep hopping in North African and the Middle East. (And hope the electromagnetic pulses don't fry the electrical grids!)

Of course, you don't need sunspot energy to get mad and organize and march - ask the Tea Party people who marched in really big numbers in 2009 and elected Republican budget cutters in 2010. Unfortunately, except for a few hard core tea partiers, the Republicans have no intention of making significant budget cuts, starting with cutting the military 75% and means testing social security.

States are harder pressed because they often have a smaller tax base and more politicians who caved into the public employee unions. Some were given them truly excessive pay, perks and pensions. So suddenly we're having big rallies against such cuts by public employees. (And of course it's not necessarily the most excessively paid who get the biggest cuts.)

As a libertarian I'm for the right to organize unions, strike and demand collective bargaining; and the right to fire strikers and refuse to engage in any bargaining at all. Of course, the smarter thing is to have a lot more worker owned cooperatives, including schools - without those layers of lazy and/or trouble-making administrators mandated by various levels of government.

Below are videos about one great activist, Ray McGovern, a retired CIA analyst turned peace activist. Unlike this burned out activist, he just kept going the last few years. He was arrested for turning his back on Hillary Clinton, per the video below. And then roughed up by police per the photo of his injuries here. Keep up the great work, Ray! Maybe he'll be ready to join the radical political decentralist movement once it really gets going. Secede and survive!

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