Wednesday, February 09, 2011

House votes down (part of) Patriot Act!!

Geez, those new Republicans must have been hearing a lot about it from those who voted them in. Politico says: The bill would have extended the FBI’s authority to use wiretaps on surveillance targets and to allow surveillance of “lone wolf” criminals who aren’t working with terrorist groups, provisions set to expire later this month.

Expect a lot of threatening arm twisting and demagogy the next few days to change the vote.

Let's get busy all you Democrats who agree! Call you representative and tell him to abolish the whole damned thing. Stop kissing the Democrats asses because they gave you a crappy health care bill that is going down in flames constitutionally.

Below are a couple of Jewish activist I know who I photographed in 2001 outside the Israeli Embassy expressing their views on WHO the terrorists are whose "assets" should be frozen (or cut off) under the Patriot and other "terrorism" Acts.

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