Sunday, January 09, 2011

U.S. Will Counter Chinese Arms Buildup - with whose money??

U.S. Will Counter Chinese Arms Buildup-So says the New York Times. But who's paying for it, the Chinese or the Saudis?? Or a 75% income tax on Americans...

The Pentagon is stepping up investments in a range of weapons, jet fighters and technology in response to the Chinese military buildup in the Pacific, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said Saturday on the eve of his visit to Beijing. Despite billions of dollars in proposed Pentagon budget cuts that Mr. Gates announced this past week, he said that the Chinese development of its first radar-evading fighter jet, as well as an antiship ballistic missile that could hit American aircraft carriers, had persuaded him to make improvements in American weaponry a priority...Mr. Gates said he hoped his talks with Chinese leaders would reduce the need for more American weaponry in the Pacific. He also said that if Chinese leaders considered the United States a declining power because of the financial crisis, they were wrong. “I’ve watched this sort of cyclical view of American decline come around two or three times, perhaps most dramatically in the latter half of the 1970s,” Mr. Gates said. “And my general line for those both at home and around the world who think the U.S. is in decline is that history’s dustbins are filled with countries that underestimated the resilience of the United States.”

Update: I read Gates was in China and - Fox News alleged - they chided him in a humiliating fashion on military sales to Taiwan, for which they suspended military ties three years ago. And of course he had to take it because the Empire is flailing. More bombs, less taxes, that's the solution, Republicans. Ugh.

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