Monday, January 24, 2011

Keith mocked Rick, but now he's gone too...

I loved watching MSNBC when George W. Bush was president because big sexy Keith Olbermann did such a great job of ridiculing Bush and his horrific and senseless wars. As I flipped around to which ever cable news station had the least annoying (or even most edifying) story on, I would land sometimes on Rick Sanchez. He was a little goofy, not terribly incisive, but likable. Of course, after Obama was elected and Olbermann turned into a roaring statist fawning over Obama's quasi-socialist/facistic policies, I got pretty disgusted and pretty much stopped watching.

So I missed him excoriating Rich Sanchez in video below. And I missed him excoriating warmonger Senator Joe - "get your lying ass out the door" - Lieberman, the rant that some say was the final blow to his MSNBC career. (Link to MSNBC video.) Not to mention I missed his last show two days later. (News video below.)

Of course, Fox News didn't fire Juan Williams for saying he was scared of Arabs in Muslim gear on airplanes, but then he said it to Sean Hannity who promotes bigotry towards Arabs and Muslims. As I'm sure others have noted, I doubt Juan would be happy if anyone said the same thing about being afraid of black males who come towards them on the street. I wonder what would happen if a female news caster said she was scared every time she saw a
male walking towards her on a dark street. Would political correctness go too far?! (Get out the mace, gals!)

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