Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"Die, bitch" shooting is Hate Crime against a Woman...

Since Reason magazine complains about the instant politicization of everything, I might as well give them something else to complain about.

"Die, bitch" was written on a form letter from Representative Giffords to the disturbed young man who shot her (or on a peice of paper in the same safe; reports differ). Friends say he was angry at her for not taking seriously a question he asked her at an event a few years back. If she'd been a man and dissed her, would he be so ticked off? Was he so angry this "bitch" dissed him, he nursed it until he tried to kill her?

While people are trying to figure out this mad man's political orientation they should remember that male dominant woman hating is not left or right, but psychopathological behavior.

Having been verbally attacked by so many males who don't like my uppity ways, I would not in the least be surprised if this was a "hate crime" against Gifford as a woman. As a libertarian I'm against legislating mandatory sentences if a crime is deemed a "hate crime," but I'm all for labeling a hate crime a hate crime if it is one.

Good video from Reason below on the typical "let's pass a law and raise taxes" reaction of politicians to the shooting.

Update: Good January 18th article on linking to other articles providing evidence and/or also making the point that hatred of women was part of Loughner's motivation for attacking Representative Giffords.

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