Tuesday, December 07, 2010

New Book: "Why Liberty?" Libertarians Speak, including me

Libertarian Marc Guttman has had published a book of short libertarian autobiographies called Why Liberty: Personal Journeys Toward Peace & Freedom. The Amazon.com review reads: All across the world individuals have learned that only by interacting peacefully can we achieve a more harmonious, prosperous, healthy and tolerant society. To these ends millions have optimistically involved themselves in a global liberty movement. These libertarians, while seeing the promotion of individual rights a worthwhile goal in itself, also believe that a free society is a universally beneficial one. Consider the stories of the diverse contributors who share with you the reasons that they were convinced to embrace freedom and the idea that men and women should govern themselves. Fifty-five authors from fifteen countries collaborate in this venture. Included are philosophers and physicians, economists and judges, military officers and environmentalists, police officers and soccer moms, lawyers and small business owners. You can read about the paths to understanding of people like well-known journalist John Stossel or Susette Kelo who fought all the way to the Supreme Court to try to keep her home from being confiscated and delivered to a private business. From Africa, from behind what was the Iron Curtain, Europe, Asia and Africa, and North, Central and South America there are dozens of tales of why these diverse people came to similar conclusions: freedom is best for all.

My 10 page entry is called "Consciousness, Community and Liberty." You can learn just a few of the details of my fascinating life. And it's not over yet! (Knock wood.)

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