Monday, December 20, 2010

50,000 + years of celebrating solstice... yoo ha!

According to the Behavioral Modernity article on the sometimes pretty good wikipedia: One theory holds that behavioral modernity occurred as a sudden event some 50 kya (50,000 years ago), possibly as a result of a major genetic mutation or as a result of a biological reorganization of the brain that led to the emergence of modern human natural languages. Proponents of this theory refer to this event as the Great Leap Forward or the Upper Paleolithic Revolution. Thus my guesstimate of 50,000 years of solstice celebrations. Take that you recentist patriarchal religions! Repetition being so important to making your point, here's a couple of my relevant music videos.

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Anonymous said...

Ms. Moore. Most heartwarming post. However, I believe that solstice celebrations probably started a bit later after humans had sufficient numbering capacity to notice the days getting shorter and longer. On the other hand, it is certainly possible that a certain primitive reckoning was used and certain primitive celebrations were in place almost that early, so who but a time traveler could say for sure??