Saturday, November 13, 2010

Prosecute Bush for War Crimes

George Bush has had the balls to come out and say in interviews about his new biography: Yes, I ordered TORTURE but my lawyers said it was ok. So even if it is a violation of international law treaties that the U.S. signed, hey, you can't prosecute me.

That may be sufficient defense in Corporate-State-Military-Industrial-Media Complex America, but don't expect Bush to be traveling to many other nations in the coming years. Some of them doubtless will be willing to arrest and try him as the war criminal he is. (Launching wars on other nations - for whatever reason, not to mention phony evidence - still a war crime, George.)

ACLU request he be investigated. Amnesty International's similar request. Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) also has requested same. And this all in just a week since book released. I must get my lazing butt to the next demo demanding an investigation!

P.S.: A while back I complained about a left wing Democratic Party Bernie Sanders-type anonymous blogger flashing the original of this graphic at me on his blog. Just so there isn't any confusion, when a man throws balls in a woman's face it's sexism. When a woman makes fun of a macho male leaders balls, it's satire. True students of bigotry know that. Dirty tricks political operatives are too dumb to get the distinction.

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