Saturday, October 02, 2010

Supremacism and the Fleecing Domestic War Party

Time to engage in a little United States government bashing, just to even the score. What's up with these U.S. soldiers who kill for sport the inhabitants of the various nations the U.S. attacks and occupies? I know going into the military has always been a great occupation for serial killer wannabees who enjoy terrorizing other soldiers into inabling their deeds, as seems to be the case with Sgt. Calvin Gibbs who led a "kill team" against innocent Afghans.

Is it just the fact that the United States government - an organization using "legalized violence" - has permitted the stray psychopath to have this much power? Or have "Americans" (citizens of the United States particularly) really adopted such Supremacist beliefs about their own moral and political righteousness, that they can justify killing even those who cower before it? Even those whose governments actively cooperate with it, as in Afghanistan and Pakistan?

After all, American children still assume they are the best academically in the world - even though they rank academically even after some "second world" nations. "We're number one and we'll kick your butt to prove it!" - as long as China and the Saudi princes keep lending us the money to do it? (And let's not forget the millions of defacto white christian supremacists, many of whom see joining the world's greatest military as their god-commanded patriotic duty.)

A couple interesting articles on the above in the last couple days.

In "
Tea Party vs. War Party?" Pat Buchanan writes:
The neocons are nervous the Tea Party may not sign up to soldier on for the empire. Writing in the Washington Post, Danielle Pletka and Thomas Donnelly of AEI have sniffed out the unmistakable scent of "isolationism" among Tea Party favorites.

They are warning that the old right and Tea Party might unite in a "combination of Ebenezer Scrooge and George McGovern, withdrawing from the world to a countinghouse America."

Sorry, but the old neocon name-calling won’t cut it this time.

After Iraq and Afghanistan, the American people are not going to give the establishment and War Party a free hand in foreign policy. Every patriot will do what is necessary and pay what is needed to defend his country. But national security is one thing, empire security another.

And links to a British article "
Be very afraid – we are being fleeced by purveyors of fear" which makes the excellent point:

In the mid-1970s, the Provisional IRA staged some 50 explosions in London, subjecting the city to far greater mayhem than today. Somehow we survived without the gargantuan counter-terror apparatus in place today. The bombing campaign came nowhere near toppling the British government or infringing the liberty of the state. The chief threat to that freedom today comes not from terrorists but from the government's response to them.

Britain doesn't have as big a military to fleece as the United States, so their military-industrial elite has to make due with selling Britain the most surveillance cameras per capita on the planet. In this country, of course, these fleecers screaming "terrorism" have managed to gouge a couple trillion dollars out of taxpayers - in addition to money spent on the actual wars - since the September 11 attacks. (Now remind who it was who planted the bombs in the Twin Towers to make sure they fell after pissed off Arabs rammed planes into them? Why pass up an opportunity to make a couple billion in insurance money from a hot tip from an old friend who's buddies with explosive experts.)

This is the Domestic War Party that is very happy to cooperate with the Foreign War Party (neoconservatives, Israel Firsters and actual Israelis) who have so much power throughout the government and the media. (When Obama's Zionist chief of staff resigns, he immediately replaces him with another one; but I guess you have to do what you have to do to keep Israel from destroying America with its Samson Option.)

At least the brouhaha about the "9/11 Mosque" has subsided somewhat. Maybe someone has realized that provoking Americans to hate one minority for its religion could spill over to re-awakening old hatreds against those who alleged "killed Christ," especially should Israel pre-emptively attack Iran, drive up the price of gasoline to $10 a gallon and lead to 30% unemployment.

I could go on and on, but the bottom line is: supremacism and violence are bad. Being smart enough to know which corporate state bastards are fleecing you by encouraging you to engage in them is good. I hope the Tea Party (and those "libertarians" who seem to like war) are listening.

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