Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Sunspots erupt - and so does Greece

The Black Bloc and government provacateur rioters who killed this woman in a Greek bank today must be very proud of themselves. See video. See my article "The Return of Street Fighting Man." Unfortunately some people come to peaceful protests for the fun of rioting and burning things. (Or to create chaos that will allow their faction to take over.)

As soon as I heard about the riots in Greece I decided to take a quick look at where the sunspots have been the last few days. Ooops! They suddenly rose from zero to 70! That much more impetus for a peaceful protest turned into a riot. All the negative ionization shooting out to excite to action people already ticked off about - whatever.

And the Greeks are pretty ticked off. They've been ripped off by international bankers protected by big governments worldwide so they can't afford the delusion that their big welfare state is sustainable. Ouch. Reality hurts. And of course the US is well on the road in the same direction - with welfare spending suddenly ballooning even more than warfare spending. (At least til NetanyahuObama attack Iran.)

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