Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Great Day for Secessionists - Dems Make Us Slaves of State...

Forcing Americans to buy full benefit health insurance and sending one of the 17,000 new Internal Revenue Service employees after them to make sure they do or fine them is the essence of slavery and the Democrats have just voted to make us slaves. Southern Confederates seceded in part because they wanted the states to decide the issue of slavery. Of course, everyone knows it was the slaves who should have seceded from the states that made them slaves. And so with the passage of this absurd and pernicious bill more and more Americans are realizing they should secede from our enslaving federal - and state - governments.

However, these were my third thoughts after I watched passage of the bill. My second thought was - if I had money I'd invest in state of the art new hospitals right across the border in Mexico. Cause that's where the good doctors and the wealthy patients are going to go. If it's not illegal for Americans to buy health insurance in Mexico now, it
will be soon enough.

And my first thought?
I wonder what kind of extremely unpleasant health problems and/or death I'll face because of this bureaucratic takeover? And just because I'm an American. Not because some government bureaucrats know my goal is the destruction of their paychecks, perks and pensions...

I've had dozens of things to say on dozens of subjects since my last post, but other things take priority. Especially a certain little demanding animal - whose health insurance is fully free market and very cheap and excellent.

UPDATE: After the vote, Rep. Steve King spoke to opponents and allegedly said: "If I could start a country with a bunch of people, they’d be the folks who were standing with us the last few days. Let’s hope we don’t have to do that!" Of course, he also said some crazy stuff about beating his opponents to a pulp. Not your ideal nonviolent secessionist! In fact, Kelly Vlahos on described the reason I haven't bothered to go to Tea Party events - too many pro-war bigots! (Though it is probable the liberal media are highly exaggerating their presence.) Plus a report on a New Hampshire gathering of more sensible libertarians and others.

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