Monday, January 25, 2010

P.S.: Free Gaza - and Palestine

I didn't make it to Egypt or Gaza - or even the local solidarity protest. And I'm only putting up a quick blog entry now about the recent Free Gaza protests after finding some good photos going through old emails. Free Gaza, if I haven't mentioned it lately... And the Palestinian slaves. Take that, Ben Stein!

Thinking libertarians agree. As noted in wikipedia:
Some libertarians have argued for the Palestinian right of return largely from a private property rights perspective. In "Property Rights and the 'Right of Return" professor Richard Ebeling writes: "If a settlement is reached between the Israelis and the Palestinians, justice would suggest that all legitimate property should be returned to its rightful owners and that residence by those owners on their property should be once again permitted." Attorney Stephen P. Halbrook (who convinced the Supreme Court to take 25 years off the Branch Davidian sentences) in "The Alienation of a Homeland: How Palestine Became Israel" writes: “Palestinian Arabs have the rights to return to their homes and estates taken over by Israelis, to receive just compensation for loss of life and property, and to exercise national self-determination.” In "War Guilt in the Middle East" "Mr. Libertarian" Murray Rothbard details Israel's "aggression against Middle East Arabs," confiscatory policies and its "refusal to let these refugees return and reclaim the property taken from them."

Free market that, Ben Stein...

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