Saturday, December 05, 2009


Twenty-one days to solstice. My favorite holiday. The sun is coming back and we won't freeze in the dark!

Above is a decoration that won't win the Christmas home decorations contest, but might win the pagan one! Yoo Ha! And that's just three years from any and all
2012 winter solstice events. In my optimistic opinion, will usher in the AGE OF AQUARIUS, something so much prophesized by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse of Love - John, Paul, George and Ringo.
Of course, I still went to the 2012 movie for the thrills and chills of giant earthquakes, 2000 foot tsunamis and the hero John Cusak's efforts to save his family - not to mention innocently kill off his ex-wife's new husband. But there hasn't been a massive crustal shift like that in 200 million years, so what's to worry?

The biggest political message of the movie (besides that all the politicians manage to save themselves on the big arks, and 2/3 of them seem to be male) is made by a character who remarks on seeing the 5 or 6 giant Arks built in three years inside a mountain - "Only the Chinese could do this!!!" Yup, in this movie the Chinese save the world. Of course, most of them also get inundated.

Luckily, Africa raises 2000 feet while everything else evidently sinks, so it doesn't get inundated. So look out for a couple hundred thousand homeless imperialists in Arks, my African friends!

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