Friday, November 27, 2009

Save an Historical Village from Destruction

This article at Palestine Think Tank describes how this historical village of Lifta, on the slopes of the hills of Jersusalem, is destined for destruction by the building of more illegal Israeli settlements. The village was abandoned in 1948 when well-armed Israeli troops drove poor peasants from their land. They have not been allowed to return to the village in years since, even though many former residents live only a few miles away in Jerusalem. According to the article, "Lifta is considered by many as a rare and fine example of Palestinian rural architecture with narrow streets aligned with the slopes of the mountains around it. Its cubist forms are a wonderful manifestation of the mastery of the Palestinian stone masons who were the indigenous owners and builders of these houses."

Sign the petition to save Lifta or do whatever you can do to stop these Israeli atrocities - paid for with by 5-10 billion dollars in US government financial, military and other aid every year. (And billions more if you consider that a major reason the U.S. is in Iraq and Afghanistan is to protect Israel's ability to keep stealing land like this.)

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