Thursday, October 15, 2009

Iranians Love U.S. Secessionists

Iranians Love U.S. Secessionists because they seek to undermine the "Great Satan" (or "Evil Empire")... and yet Imperial U.S./Israel war on Iran and the ensuing economic fiasco, civil liberties abuses and even nuclear war are the things most likely to turn tens of millions of Americans INTO secessionists and break up the U.S. Ironic, eh??

Secession Is the Future

Kirkpatrick Sale Talks To Iranians About the Death of Empires

The following interview with Middlebury Institute director Kirkpatrick Sale appeared in the Kayhan International newspaper of Tehran, Iran on July 21, 2009, and in the Persian language Kayhan News the same day. The interviewer was Seyed Yasser Jebraily.

You have argued that the major theme of contemporary history is the break-up of great empires. Would you elaborate on this and also evaluate the current status of U.S. Empire, I mean its failures and successes?
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American secessionist leader: US could break up fast

Tue, 13 Oct 2009 (Interview with) Professor Thomas Naylor of the Second Vermont Republic. The following is the transcript of a Press TV recent interview with emeritus professor of economics at Duke University, author and founder of the Second Vermont Republic movement Thomas Naylor.

Press TV: First of all when does the secessionist movements date back to and why is the United States facing a growing number of secessionists today?

Prof. Naylor: The legacy of secession goes all the way back to our inception in 1776. The United States was created by secession from England.

Press TV: Professor, what is the movement fighting for?
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