Wednesday, October 21, 2009

BIG Tea Party - Medical shortages another good reason...

September 12 Washington DC Tea Party was yet another demonstration I missed. I kept hearing how big it was and saw one somewhat impressive photo. Then recently discovered this site and three very impressive photos. Assuming they aren't claiming some big gay or women's right's rally was theirs, very impressive!

Most of these people are against the laws and taxes that are destroying the economy and crushing our freedoms. Unfortunately, too many still support spending a trillion dollars a year to keep the rest of the world under control, what with those 800 foreign bases, and those two big wars in the Middle East. (Some even criticize Obama for the little he is doing to try to stop Israel from attacking Iran and starting a truly catastrophic war.) But more and more of them are going LIBERTARIAN and are able and willing to admit it's time to retrench big military as well as big government because...

THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT IS BROKE - and so are most of its people.

The nation is so broke that not only do we not produce most of the medicines and medical supplies we need in this country, but have to import them - and pretty soon no one's going to take the dollar from a bankrupt nation. China isn't going to pay for our wars - AND divert medical supplies from its 1.3 billion hard working/hard saving people to our 300 million increasingly unemployed, retired and indebted ones. One of several reasons medical supplies, vaccines and tamiflu are in short supply.

Of course, the U.S. government owns one third of the land in the country and we can always sell that off... (Here's the Fed's view on it all. Here's Cato Institute's reply. And Ron Paul's.)

Anyhooo- as someone who had the flu twice in 2007-2008, plus a couple bad colds directly after, I got a flu shot last fall and it worked. No flu or colds in 2008-2009. This year, despite trying at CVS and the doctors, I'm very frustrated I still can't get a regular flu shot. (I don't intend to get the swine flu shot but feel sorry for those who want it and can't get it - assuming it doesn't turn out to be a killer toxin after all!)

I DO have a couple masks I got from somewhere, something else also in shortage. And lots of Kefiyah's to cover my face, in case I have to go out in public during flu season. Now if I can just get my roommate to cover his face when he sneezes and wash his hands when he walks in the door. Anyway, click on photo below to get to dramatic Youtube video.

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