Thursday, September 17, 2009

Big Ed speaks truth on Health Care Reform

Ed Crane, like me, was a slender sex pot tool 30 years ago. Now all these years of scarfing down goodies - and imbibing the ambient pollution which body fat accumulates to protect us from (and government won't let us sue polluters for) - have left us both 80 pounds overweight. Which ain't good for the health. In this video he talks about the need for competition between states for health insurance, need for individuals to get the same tax benefits as business when buying health care, and medicare and government control driving doctors out of medicine and discouraging young people from entering.

Good start Ed!! Sheldon Richman has other good suggestions here.

The Democrats plan to make us all give the IRS all our financial info so they can grab all our money to make the non-competitive insurance companies richer is the greatest government farce since ...the draft, the IRS itsself, Patriot Act? - where do we start??

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