Sunday, March 22, 2009

Who am I? Where do I live? How do I save the economy?

I thought I'd look through my copious photos and see which one suggested a blog entry first. This one did. One day our 15 year old dog decided he lived next door and kept trying to get up their steps and into their house. Thus this caption.

What did it remind me of? Prez Obama! He's only 47 but he doesn't know if he's a democrat or a socialist. If he should should raise taxes or print more money. If he's going to free the slaves or let the Israelis keep screwing the Palestinians. If he's Rahm Emanuels toy boy or vice versa. If Geitner should go or stay. He needs a good brisk read through a variety of free market books (not taking any talk of gold standards too seriously of course).

FREE THE SLAVES OF THE WORLD, BARACK! Stop trying to get into the wrong house where the oppressors live, come back home to liberty!!!

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