Tuesday, January 06, 2009

It's wrong to bomb refugees in ghettos and camps....

I think Israel supporters are naive to think that starving and then slaughtering people in Gaza will not lead to at least suspicion of Jews who support this attack, at least among the 99.5 percent of the world who isn't cheering on the killing of Arabs out of bigotry! And many people's rage against the attack will turn into bigotry against Jews. You don't need to be a psychiatrist to figure that out.

And it just becomes common sense after a while that the Israelis are acting like the Nazis, much as they hate that comparison. When you lay siege to a territory, effectively deny them the right to leave to work or seek medical attention (under threat of not being allowed to return), refuse to allow them to import adequate food and medical supplies, and fire indiscriminately at innocents under the slightest pretext, what do you call that territory? A ghetto, a camp - or even a concentration camp?

Above is a photo of ruins of Warsaw Ghetto after the Nazis blew it up block by block to
destroy Jewish resistance. Nazis killed thirteen thousand Jews, mostly noncombatants, during the battle. The Nazis certainly did not allow them food, water or medical supplies.

How many noncombatant Palestinian men, women and children will die during this
politically motivated attack on Gaza? Olmert's party knows it can't stop the HAMAS rockets - which HAMAS claims are defensive - without a decent settlement with the Palestinians. However, Olmert's Kadima party can use the attack to win the next election over the even more vicious Netanyahu!

The Israelis are averaging 50 kills a day - with 40 seeking shelter today killed by Israeli tank fire at a United Nations school. Certainly more than thirteen thousand have been killed during Israel's 60 years of aggressive land grabs and ethnic cleansing and 60 years of attacks on militants with little thought to the deaths of innocents.

I'll let the photos below from White House Protest express my disgust.

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bint alshamsa said...

The genocidal campaign in Gaza also reminded me of Warsaw. I wrote about it on my blog:

The Palestinian Holocaust: Warsaw Redux