Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Protesting Israel's Savagery in Gaza at Obama's HQ ; Yes we can Free Palestine graphic

It took Israel being more savagely murderous than usual in bombing the hell out of Gaza to get me out to another protest. (Don't get me started on the smarmy little collection of opportunistic left-wing property smashers, women trashers, cheating married bi-guys and pedophile-wannabee(s) all-American males lurking on the periphery who I tried to avoid. I ended up getting to know too much about the guys who took over the peace group I dropped out of -- before they kicked me out for complaining too loudly about their obnoxious behavior. Yuk! Another reason in a short list I've avoided protests the last year or so!)

Like a lot of people I've been weighing Obama's various appointments to see if he's likely to stop Israel's attempts to ethnically cleanse most of Gaza and the West Bank - and get the U.S. into a 5 trillion dollar war against Iran. Appointing Rahm Emanuel, son of an Irgun terrorist who jokes about being central casting's idea of a terrorist, was the bad news. His Cabinet seems to lack rabid Israel-firsters, depending on whether Hillary wants to make nice with all Bill's big Arab contributors. His personal advisers are more iffy.

But Obama's refusal to condemn Israel's "war criminal" attacks collectively punishing and killing Gaza civilians for the crimes of a few is a huge negative. It will have to be offset by his firing Emanuel the week after Emanuel resigns his House of Representative seat and forcing all those dozens of Israel lobbies to register as foreign agents to even start to make up for it. (Wearing button to right wouldn't hurt either!)

Which is what 75 or so of us were effectively telling Obama as we protested his headquarters in Washington DC yesterday. And there's another one at State Department today, hopefully ending up at Obama's again!

I got two good photos before my camera went dead. See all the cops protecting the building? Lots of great photos at the White House Protest site.

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