Friday, October 10, 2008

Amazing Hubble Stellar Photos

Living in North East DC among a lot of homes and street lights, even on the clearest nights I can see only a dozen stars in the sky.

Last week I could see that the electricity went out in about a 3/4 mile radius of my house on a hill - and low and behold even on a hazy night I could see at least 50 stars! Nostalgia to staying at a house on a lake when I was a kid and we could see hundreds - or my one bus trip through rural Texas where the stars really were the brightest I'd ever seen in my life!

So it was exciting today to finally discover there are web pages filled with these amazing photos of stars and galaxies all over the universe. This site is particularly cool because it categorized the photos by type and you can click for a larger one.

This is a link to Wikipedia's catalog.
Below are some of my favorites.

This is why we evolved ourselves, after all, to glory in that which we created on the way to becoming sentient and inventing the Internet!!


Anonymous said...

Love the photo of "Sombrero" Galaxy M-104. It's an impressive sight even in backyard telescopes.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures, amazing. Check out lots of great galleries at

any two stars
are light years apart
- bracket with fingers