Sunday, June 08, 2008

Bob Barr Embarassingly Funny on Colbert

See video below... and my neat graphic celebrating the Libertarian Party putting The Right to Alter or Abolish Government (from the Declaration of Independence) in its platform. Barr's obviously being affected by hanging with pot smoking libertarians. He admitted to Colbert the possibly he'd ingested drug-laced brownies and later joking about waking up with heavens knows who in bed, due to his sexy mustache. "Loose" women, men, 16 year old hermaphrodites? Oh, Bob, the wit!! Of course, it was a bit much for him to declare that he is the first good candidate of the Libertarian Party, as if the many others weren't quite good (and more hard core) in their own rights, especially Ed Clark, Ron Paul and Harry Browne.

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