Sunday, March 02, 2008

Israeli Leader Admits They are "Holocausting" Palestinians...

Even a broken arm should not stop me from a short entry on the U.S. backed Israeli barbarism (continuing into its 60th year) against the Arabs in Palestine. Los Angeles Times notes in Israeli's use of 'holocaust' has fallout:
The Hebrew word shoah, or holocaust, is not used casually in Israeli society. Occasionally, it is employed to denote a massive disaster...In what may prove to be a significant miscalculation, Israeli Deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilnai on Friday used the term in warning of more military action in Gaza. By allowing constant rocket barrages from Gaza on nearby Israeli cities, the Palestinians, Vilnai said, were "bringing upon themselves a greater shoah because we will use all our strength in every way we deem appropriate, whether in airstrikes or on the ground." As the three-day death toll in Gaza climbed toward triple digits, senior Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal accused Israel of "implementing a real holocaust against the Palestinian people for the past 60 years. What is happening today in Gaza is a new holocaust." The nongovernmental Palestinian Information Center issued a statement calling Vilnai's words "the first indirect admission by an Israeli official that what Israel is conducting against the Palestinians in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip is a holocaust, albeit a slow-motion one." Given the Arab reaction and the rising Palestinian death toll, Vilnai's use of the word is proving controversial within Israel as well...

John McCain must be creaming in his 72 year old jeans. Meanwhile 74 year old Arab-American Ralph Nader is running for president very explicitly - as he revealed last week on "Meet the Press" - to make almost half-Arab Barack Obama feel guilty for dropping his past criticisms of Israel's barbarism; he evidently does still support publicly an undefined just peace for the Palestinians.

Of course, Obama has to hide his true feelings or he'd be assassinated before he had a chance to win. The Mossad probably will take him out if he wins. He can have a nice talk on the other side with JFK and RFK about the good old days where the Mossad just had the Meyer Lansky gang and their leftist patsies and/or their brain-washed Arab employees do it. However, World Trade Center leaseholder Larry Silverstein and his Mossad buddies have brought assassination to a whole new level, so expect the assassination to be part of some catastrophic terrorist act blamed on Muslims or Arabs.

Ouch. Think of all the broken bones that will entail!

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Harold Thomas said...

Hush, Carol!
People who want a just peace get accused of being anti-Semitic!

(doesn't make sense to me, either, and I was in a Jewish fraternity in college...)