Sunday, March 09, 2008

Dog, Cat, Rat - sex and neuter status??

An extremely popular video on YouTube called "The Dog, the Cat and the Rat" has had 1.7 million hits in 3 months. It shows the animals in happy harmony.

Wish I knew their sex and neuter status. All neutered males certainly would suggest one conclusion - all non-neutered females another. However, it also suggests that even animals can overcome primal negative emotions through training and experience. Something humans SHOULD be even more capable of. Why do you think there is so much brainwashing in religion, politics and the media to keep us scared and distrustful of each other?

We even see it with Hillary "the monster" Clinton (and all right wing talk radio) trying to scare people about whether Barack Obama is a secret Muslim. Of course, if she's nominated they'll start speculating about whether she's really a wiccan "witch."

John Lennon needed another verse: "Imagine we're all conscious."

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Theresa Chaze said...

To answer your question--because the cat, the dog and the rat aren't greedy and ego driven. They only kill to have lunch or to prevent themselves from being lunch. In many ways, they are wiser, kinder and more loving than many humans.

You furkids are beautiful. It is easy to see they come from a loving home.