Sunday, November 19, 2006

Terrorist Photogaphers Stalking Metro??

That title is even more sensationalist than the title of Jim Bovard's recent blog entry on the same topic My Latest Terrorist Tendencies.
I was subwaying into Washington last night when I learned of a grave new terrorist peril. The train’s driver kept repeating, “For safety and security reasons, please do not take pictures or video recordings of Metro trains and buses.” He recited this core message with often mystifying enunciation after each subway station. To jazz up the rendition, he occasionally added ominously at the end of the announcement: “POLICE WILL BE NOTIFIED.”. . .
I took some photos of a subway train entering the Tenleytown station a few weeks ago. To my untrained eye, the photos all looked like crap, thanks to my camera savvy and the dim lighting in the station. But to experts at Homeland Security, the blurs might contain a secret message for Al Qaeda.
The article continues its commentary on growing facism in an entertaining fashion. I commented on his blog entry that I must really be a terrorist and described the photos I recently had taken on the train. Then the next day I went out and took some even better ones. Here's what I described.

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