Sunday, October 22, 2006

Fear, Loathing and October Surprises

For two years I have been working against a U.S. or Israel attack on Iran. See my page StopTheWarNow.Net. Like a lot of people, I've been particularly alert to all the warnings of an "October Surprise" -- including those by Ray McGovern and Howard Zinn at the end of my Camp Democracy video.
After years of fighting, I've been having bouts of depression over the possibility of this evil war - not to mention how much time and treasure I've wated fighting it. Congress passing and Bush signing the
Military Commission Act of 2006 compounded my disgust. But we protesters just keep on protesting. At a DC Antiwar Network pot luck dinner this week we discussed doing a nuclear war die-in and blocking K Street traffic so people will start paying attention to the possibility of nuclear war. See my somewhat outdated but photo-filled nuclear war web page.

At least I had some fun putting together a video of my friend Jose Rodriguez' Nuclear Death protest, photos of which are picked up by some wire service at almost every protest. Here are the two of us on the most recent 9-11 during a 9-11 protest.

At this point, I doubt that Bush will be dumb enough to order an attack on Iran - or a pretext for an attack - before the election. That is because he knows that even if he loses the House and Senate, once he decides to attack Iran he'll easily rope Congress into supporting him -- especially if his boys undertake a successful "False Flag" operation.
As so many have been saying, soon enough "Remember the Maine" and "Remember the Lusitania" and "Remember the Gulf of Tonkin" may become "Remember the Eisenhower" if Bush and friends try to sink the aircraft carrier recently sent to the Gulf as a pretext to war. But then Israel tried like hell to sink the U.S.S. Liberty to bring the U.S. into war against Egypt in 1967 and that didn't work. Instead of dead heroes, Israel ended up with angry sailors who are still trying to get the truth out that the attack was deliberate -- and even possibily supported by the U.S. government.

If the Democrats do take the House and Senate, expect me to be reporting on lots of IMPEACH BUSH - NO MORE EXCUSES rallies in D.C. Then instead of having to prove he isn't coming up with an "October Surprise," he'll have to prove he isn't coming up with a "Wag the Dog" war. Will the deja vu all over again of our imperial leaders never end??

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As Robert LaFollette might say: "Keep up the good fight".