Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Waco, Syria and Secession

I keep coming up with what I want to say about my disgust with the Syrian government's actions when I don't have a piece of paper handy to write it down. Expressing disgust at yet another viciously repressive government - and being glad that at least U.S. tax payers aren't paying for it - just barely covers the surface.

Governments run by cliques (be they wealthy Syrian Alawites or wealthy white Christian and Jewish Americans) that mercilessly imprison, torture and kill their people - and those of other nations - when they become too uppity are the scourge of the earth. In other words, in one way or another almost all governments are.

At least today - the 19th anniversary of the government's first attack on the Branch Davidians at Waco - I was motivated to start blogging again at Vermont Commons which carries my SECEDE & SURVIVE blog. Gee, I should figure out how to get it syndicated or whatever. The entry is called: GETTING SERIOUS ABOUT SECESSION - AGAIN. Hmmm, I left off the

In short, Waco was bad, things might get worse, the people are rising, the Occupiers and Ron Paul people got to get together and radically decentralize the federal government through secession. Yoo Haa... read details there.

Above is the cover of the book I wrote about Waco. Available in paperback and online on my personal website.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Feb 4th protest vs. War on Iran

I did make it to this one, sold buttons and even made a video!

Veterans rally for non-interventionism

As usual lately, I wasn't paying sufficient attention and missed the February 20th Troops Rally March for Ron Paul. A rally on the mall followed by a the march to the White House. Read all about it from Kelley B. Vlahos and see photos at Antiwar.com. And see videos below. Paul gets more contributions from military members than all the other candidates.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Let's build an interchange next to my gas station...

Said the congressperson...

Washington Post headline:
Congressional earmarks sometimes used to fund projects near lawmakers' properties

Thirty-three members of Congress have directed more than $300 million in earmarks and other spending provisions to dozens of public projects that are next to or within about two miles of the lawmakers’ own property, according to a Washington Post investigation.

Even Carol the Cynic was shocked by this story. Unbelievable.

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Support our troops....

Hmmm, will I get indefinite detention for posting this, or for reproducing it contra the copyright notice I removed?? How can a t-shirt manufacturer produce this and expect people to honor the copyright. Har har...