Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Joel Leyden threatens to nuke America

I often think of things I should blog about but lately only threats of nuclear destruction and other such calamities motivate me. In his blog entry Israel Celebrates 62 Despite War, Terrorism, Poverty, Obama PR hack Joel Leyden writes: The only difference, the Israelis of 2010 will not commit suicide, we will wear our rubber gas masks and fight and perhaps even implement the Samson Option if forced to.
I try to ignore Israeli depredations and focus on cures, but with this kind of arrogance and vicious threatening of human life - just because you can't keep all the land you stole since 1948 - how can I?? My comment left at his blog: So you'll bomb Russia to make sure it bombs America? Of course, with your submarines you can bomb America yourself. That's the way you keep American leaders under control isn't it? More and more people know it every day. I sure hope no AMERICANS sign up for the SEO Digital PR Public Relations.
Well, one way they keep them under control, serving Israel's interests in a myriad of ways. Anyway....See my SAMSON OPTION article.

A few interesting links to follow to counter the kind of public relations Leyden and his company dish out:

* One hundred years of pro-ethnic cleansing Zionist quotes at
* Philip Weiss on Dual Loyalty Charges Portend Spiritual Crisis in American Jewish Community
* Juan Cole on Top Ten Reasons East Jerusalem does not belong to Jewish-Israelis Hint - he supports in footnoted detail the proposition that:
"Jewish rule may have been no longer than 170 years or so, i.e., the kingdom of the Hasmoneans."
Enough. I should probably do a bunch of short blog entries on important thoughts of late - if I can find the scrap paper I wrote them on. Right now busy putting my top twenty odd song into videos. See ones currently up at Hmmm. I don't have a catchy one yet for de-nuking Israel (specifically) and freeing the Palestinian slaves. The next IMAGINE maybe.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Dems New War Strategy - Release 4/1/10

Democrats' New War Strategy Revealed; Exclusive Memo drafted by White House Chief of Staff by Karen Plateau,, Wednesday 31 March 2010

A memo drafted last week by White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel recommends a shift in strategy for Democrats discussing wars and the military. Emmanuel urges Democrats to claim credit for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and points out that shortly before this November's congressional elections, Democratic congresses will have funded and overseen more of the Iraq War than Republicans.
Some excerpts from the memo, addressed to Democratic members of Congress, follow:

"Democratic presidents, historically, have engaged in war more than Republicans, and yet we have always been denied the credit. Only by claiming ownership of the current wars can we take away Republicans' advantage on national security. The Republicans will not argue that wars make us less secure even if the wars belong to Democrats. They will cheer for the wars even if the wars belong to us. But no one will cheer for us if we speak about wars as activities we engage in with reluctance. . . ."

"It's the economy, stupid. Weapons production is our leading industry and needs to be discussed in terms of job creation and economic stimulus. . . ."
"Think ahead. By 2012 the permanence of the Iraq and Afghanistan occupations will be unavoidable. This cannot be made to appear a failure or a deception. It must be owned and claimed as a success, a glorious success critical to our national security, and one that former president Bush recklessly opposed by agreeing to a complete retreat from Iraq by 2011. . . ."

"It is critical that we draw comparisons between the number of soldiers killed during Democratic years and the number killed during Republican years, and that we highlight the successes of our innovative use of unmanned drones to kill the enemy without Americans having to die. We must cease shying away from claiming victory in terms of the numbers of enemies killed in war. We must also claim credit for the glory of those Americans killed during our years. . . ."

"There is no funding to be raised by talking about peace. The largest peace organizations did not shut down when Iraq was invaded or when Bush signed his treasonous treaty with Maliki. They shut down in November 2008 because President Obama had been elected. If President Obama tells the remnants of the peace movement to jump, they will ask 'How high?'

"The Progressive Caucus is completely under control, and its leaders understand that by passing healthcare we have created the understanding that we want to care for people at home, but that we absolutely must establish our willingness and enthusiasm to do what needs to be done abroad."

Asked for a response to Emmanuel's memo, Michael Steele, chairman of the Republican National Committee, said "The role of Republicans and of President Bush in beginning these wars will never be forgotten. We were piling up body bags when Barrack Hussein Obama was giving speeches at antiwar rallies. The only people who will fall for this latest White House spin live on the coasts, so if you believe in global warming this debating may be irrelevant." House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said, "Democrats' enthusiasm for war is a central element of our plan to create jobs and stimulate the economy. We are working on a program to create tens of thousands of permanent jobs in Iraq, in Afghanistan, and in a number of other nations."

NOTE: This is supposed to be an April Fools joke. But who can tell anymore??